At Moreleta Ridge Animal Clinic, we make a concerted effort to maintain a very high level of excellence in our services.  In order to achieve this, the practice offers a range of specialized equipment to assist in prompt diagnosis.  These include:

  • Consulting rooms

Two well equipped spacious rooms

  • Diagnostic Blood Chemistry

Our Clinic provides in-house diagnostic blood chemistry analysis and hematology allowing rapid and accurate test results to be obtained , as required, and directly assists in comprehensive clinical diagnosis of patient. The clinic also has a Vetscan providing rapid cytology results from certified Pathologists.

  • Digital Radiography

We are equipped with digital radiography allowing both general and dental capability. Digital record storage of all x-rays for each patient are maintained allowing referencing to earlier radiographs, as required.

  • Ultrasonography                                     

A recent addition has been the acquisition of an Ultrasound facility.  We are also serviced by a specialist ultrasonographers, by appointment.

  • Gastroscopy

Facilities to perform gastroscopy are available in-house by means of video-endoscopy.

  • Dental Care

Use of ultrasonic descaling and polishing equipped to restore that ‘colgate’ smile and fresh breath.  Dental radiography for those ‘below the gum’ problems is available on site.

  • Geriatric Care

We advise bi-annual check-ups for all pets over 7 years of age.  In accordance with international studies, we advise annual blood baseline profiles to be run, thus allowing earlier detection of potential problems that can be managed in the best interest of the patient.

  • Weight Clinics

We are supported by Hills in keeping our pets in optimum condition sand at optimal weight.  Excess weight and obesity can cause numerous medical problems.

  • Operating Theatre

The operating theatre is fully equipped including an incubator for those just arrived babes.  We use an isoflurane anaesthetic system