Toys and Accessories

Toys and accessories play a vital role in the happiness and life of your pet, to say nothing of the owners!

We stock a wide range of toys and treats, suitable for both dogs and cats,  to meet every requirement.  All come from  reputable manufacturers which ensures the safety of your pets, e.g..

  • Rogz
  • Bestpet
  • Daro/Cosmic Pets

In addition, we stock (or can order) various types of bedding, kennels, scratch poles, collars, leashes, etc.

There are also items for the health of your pet, such as flea collars, shampoos, over the counter products which you may need for your pet.

For our variety of  ‘differently shaped’ patients, a winter jersey can be custom made by Linda.  Please supply us with your pet’s measurements.  (please note that these orders are unfortunately payable in advance)